January 8, 2020: Riming Wang (TUD)

Aula TU Delft Aula TU Delft, Delft

Metal-organic Framework Mediated Electrode Engineering for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

February 7, 2020: Guido Giammaria (UT)

Twente University

CaCo3 decomposition enhanced by dieelectric barrier discharge plasma. The effect of plasma-catalysis Promotor: Prof.dr. L. Lefferts

February 17, 2020: Donglong Fu (UU)

Academiegebouw Domplein 29, Utrecht

Oriented Zeolite Membranes:  Synthesis, Characterization and Applications Promotor: Prof.dr.ir. B.M. Weckhuysen

March 23, 2020: Tom Van Deelen (UU)

Academiegebouw Domplein 29, Utrecht

“Supported cobalt nanocrystals as model catalysts for  the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis”   Promotor: Prof.dr.ir. K.P. de Jong

July 7, 2020: Peng Wang (TUE)

Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Phase-Pure    ε-, χ-, and Θ-  Iron Carbides in Synthesis Gas Conversion Promotor: Prof.dr. Emiel J.M. Hensen