Delft Technical University

Research Highlights

Prof.dr. E. Bouwman

Prof.dr. M.T.M. Koper

Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

Dr. S. Bonnet

Dr. L.B.F. Juurlink

Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

Dr. D.G.H. Hetterscheid

Dr. I.M.N. Groot

Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

The main focus of Catalysis Research at Leiden University is fundamental surface science applied to problems from heterogeneous catalysis, and homogeneous catalysis either inspired by a biomimetic approach or aimed at the development of new, atom-efficient reactions. The catalysis section comprises of the following sections:
Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Materials
– biomimetic catalysis and molecular materials: Prof.dr. E. Bouwman; Dr. S. Bonnet
– homogeneous catalysis: Prof.dr. E. Bouwman; Prof.dr. E. Drent
Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
– electrocatalysis, electrochemical surface science, and bio-electrocatalysis: Prof.dr. M.T.M. Koper
– ultra-high vacuum surface science: Dr. L.B.F. (Ludo) Juurlink
– catalysis for sustainable energy: Dr. D.G.H. (Dennis) Hetterscheid
– operando research in heterogeneous catalysis: Dr. I.M.N. (Irene) Groot