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Catalytic Processes and Materials

Prof.dr J.G.E. Gardeniers

Mesoscale Chemical Systems

Prof.dr. G. Mul

PhotoCatalytic Synthesis

Prof.dr. K. Seshan Catalytic Processes & Materials

Mission statement and vision:

Within CPM we want to apply fundamental knowledge on molecular diffusion and reactions in/on heterogeneous catalysts for exploration of new catalytic materials and processes of relevance for industry and society. Research projects are vehicles to develop scientific and personal capabilities of our group members.

The work in our group aims on building a bridge between new discoveries on heterogeneous catalytic reactions/materials and their application in practical processes.

Research projects are focusing on the following three themes:

1 Concentration management in liquid phase heterogeneous catalysis

2 High yield selective oxidation

3 Catalysis for sustainable processes for fuels and chemicals