NIOK considers education of young researchers of prime importance. Education in NIOK certainly contributes to the quality of catalysis research and developments in the Netherlands. NIOK educates young researchers in the field of catalysis by offering : – a number of courses for graduates and for master students – outstanding MSc and PhD students a complete interdisciplinary training with a special focus on developing academic and research skills, and ultimately aiming for a future career in research or industry.

  • Catalysis, An Integrated Approach (next edition in 2022: 27 November – 2 December 2022)
    Our course Catalysis, An Integrated Approach, presents to starting Ph.D. students a broad overview and deep insights into modern catalysis as a whole. NIOK members themselves developed the course material, which is published as a text book.
  • NIOK Advanced Topics in Catalysis:
    As follow up to the CAIA course NIOK offers now a successor of that course where you can deepen your understanding called “NIOK Advanced Topics in Catalysis”.
    This course consists of 4 independent modules which can be followed separately. These four modules are focused on
    1) photo- and electrocatalysis (Costa Figueiredo, TU/e) (April 11-12, 2022)
       (for the programme look here:)

    2) conversion of renewable feedstocks (Bitter, WUR),
    3) theoretical catalysis (Bickelhaupt, VU), and
    4) advanced topics in molecular catalysis (De Bruin, UvA).
    You as NIOK PhD student or postdoc are invited to this course but also external PhD/postdocs as well as colleagues from industry are welcome.
    The attended and completed modules can be mentioned as such on the NIOK bull issued with the PhD degree. Certification of attendance to individual modules can be issued.