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Catalysis An Integrated Approach (CAIA 2021) will be on line

In view of the current Corona regulations and the persisting uncertainties towards the end of the year, the NIOK CAIA course will take place mostly online. That will also allow us to deal with the large number of participants, since we had to fully cancel the course last year. As networking, getting to know yours peers/colleagues is always a large part of the course, we will plan 2 socal activities; one online and one “in real life” (if possible). 


Since the online setting is not ideal for the normal format (i.e. many long lectures), we have redesigned the course for this year.  

  • You will meet once a week (see schedule below) on a Friday morning in the online platform Gather Town to discuss topics and work on problems (see below). 
  • All teachers in the course will prepare one or two short (max. 30 minute) recorded lectures. You will need to watch these, read the corresponding chapter in the NIOK CAIA book and send questions/topics/issues you have/you want to be discussed to the lecturer by Wednesday morning at the latest, so these can be discussed on Friday. 
  • On Friday morning the first 30-35 minutes, the lecturer will discuss the questions raised (for example in a short lecture, or in a Q&A session) 
  • The rest of the Friday morning you will work in small groups on catalysis problems set (we will make rooms in Gather town where you will be able to “sit together” and discuss/work. The lecturer will remain available online for further questions (in a “separate office” and/or he/she will “wals around”). 
  • The course materials will become available closer to date. 


Date  Time  Topic 
8 Oct  9-11  Welcome and Heterogeneous (Lefferts) 
15 Oct  9-11  Homogeneous (Reek, de Bruin 
22 Oct  9-11  Online social activity  
29 Oct  9-11  Biocatalyis (Hollmann) 
5 Nov  9-12  Reaction Engineering (Heeres)  
12 Nov  9-11  Industrial lecture (tba) 
19 Nov  9-11  Preparation (de Jongh) 
26 Nov  9-11  Characterization (Tromp) 
3 dec  Whole day  Social activity on location (if possible) 


Hope to see many of you in October/November! 


Prof. Dr. Moniek Tromp, NIOK CAIA course coordinator 

Thierry Slot: 10 Weeks at Fudan University

Thierry Slot  spent a research visit at Fudan University in Shanghai, China as part of the Research Priority Area (RPA) Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam.

He wrote a nice blog his experiences in China.  Not just about the science, but also about the other things he did and enjoyed in China.

Read the full travel report here