Delft Technical University

Research Highlights

Prof. B. Feringa

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Prof. H.J. Heeres

Chemical Reaction Technology

Prof. A. Minnaard

Organometallic Chemistry

Prof. J.G. de Vries

Homogeneous Catalysis

Prof. S. Otto

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Prof. J.G. Roelfes

Biomolecular Chemistry
& Catalysis

The research groups at the University of Groningen that participate in NIOK are those of Feringa, Minnaard, Heeres, De Vries and Otto. The emphasis of the catalysis research lies mainly on homogeneous catalysis by transition-metal complexes, catalysis in micellar systems and biomimetic catalysis. Main areas of application of the research are the catalytic synthesis of (chiral) organic molecules and polymers.