Cooperation in NIOK NIOK researchers (about 35 professors and more than 200 Ph.D. students, originating from eight Dutch Universities) cover the whole range of catalysis: heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysis. Each research group has chosen its own focus and has its own strengths. As research problems tend to become increasingly complex, multidisciplinary approaches are more and more required. In NIOK, academic catalysis researchers convene, and cooperation between two or more groups is promoted, e.g., during special seminars. Cooperation with the Catalysis Industry A unique aspect of cooperation within the Netherlands is the open communication, not only between universities, but also between academia and industry. NIOK has an industrial advisory board (VIRAN) in which companies are represented such as Albemarle Catalysts, ARKEMA Vlissingen BV, Avantium Technologies BV, BASF Nederland BV, Dow Benelux BV, DSM, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe, Johnson Matthey, Cabot Norit Nederland BV, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals, Sasol  and Shell International Chemicals BV. Being the platform for the catalyst-producing and/or catalyst-using industry, VIRAN not only advises NIOK on possible research subjects and strategy, but also cooperates actively on educational developments, such as catalysis master courses. NIOK research initiatives In the past years, NIOK was one of the initiators of the national top institute National Research School Combination – Catalysis (NRSC-C), a research program on innovative research funded by Government for a period of ten years. Another recent example of working on innovations for a sustainable society is ACTS (Advanced Chemical Technologies for Sustainability), a joint initiative of Government, academia and industry funding tens of millions of euros for pre-competitive and industrially relevant research, with aim to anticipate on the needs of the future society. NIOK members, amongst others, played an important part in the processes that led to the formulation of the Technology Roadmap Catalysis, Key to Sustainability (2001) and the subsequent creation of ACTS and its research programs. Download: Technology Roadmap Catalysis (2001)

Since 2001, the world has changed significantly in areas such as the important societal issues, the economic situation, the structure of research funding and the interests/strategy of the (chemical) industry in the Netherlands. The Dutch catalysis community, represented by the Netherlands Institute for Research in Catalysis Research (NIOK) and the Industrial Advisory Board of NIOK (VIRAN), has created a new Science and Technology Roadmap for Catalysis in the Netherlands: “Catalysis – Key to a Sustainable Future” , which builds on the changed situation.

Download: Science and Technology Roadmap for Catalysis in the Netherlands: “Catalysis – Key to a Sustainable Future” Research profiles of NIOK-members – Amsterdam – Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biocatalysis and Sustainable Chemistry – Delft – Catalytic Processes and Engineering, Biocatalysis – Eindhoven – Modelling of Catalytic Reactions – Groningen – Homogeneous Catalysis for Fine Chemicals and Polymerization Catalysis – Leiden – Fundamental Heterogenous Catalysis – Nijmegen -Homogeneous Catalysis and Polymerization Catalysis – Twente – Physical Chemistry of Catalytic Processes – Utrecht – Homogeneous; Heterogenous Catalytic Materials Further details click on the members page link